Gelato flavors

There are two types of ice cream flavors: Fruit and Cream. Every month of the year Mantovani’s customers expect to find the “flavour of the month” in ice cream display case handmade by Maestro Mantovani's creativity. He can be inspired from tasted of Italian Neapolitan tradition pastry-making or International. It is important to raise expectations that never disappoint and that always at most represent artisanal qualities of our ice creams.

Fruit                flavor

Special references deserve the kind of fruits used for fruit-flavoured ice cream with no milk: sorbets. Maestro Mantovani always uses seasonal fresh fruits with supervised origin, coming from the best Italian regions. Also for our Franchisee, production is  0 (zero) km by the use of fruits of its territory. By tasting them you can feel the typical fragments of a certain fruit. Maestro Mantovani vouches for a genuine result that transforms raw materials used, as to say water, sugar, fruit pulp, into very pleasant and fresh sorbets.

Cream               flavor

Maestro Mantovani chooses its ingredients with care and  great attention to their origins preferring the best that Italy can offer. Ice creams are made with whole milk and fresh cream adding the best ingredients, in order to obtain the excellence of Italian craftsmanship Gelateria. For example, to make Nut ice cream, the best hazelnut of the world comes from Piedmont to Mantovani workshops. It is transformed into an ice cream combining hazelnut’s delicacy with the just more toasted , for a unique result with a persistent taste. From Sicily we gain the precious Avola’s almond and Cassata full of perfumed candied fruits, as well as Pistachio, pure “oro verde” from Bronte.

Special             flavor

In addition to timeless flavours, Maestro Mantovani makes special flavours in its workshop. They are wisely embellished by giving a touch of uniqueness, but with no exaggerations... Space to creativity. Special flavours are special creations, particular tastes that attract and bring back Customer for tastes’ exclusivity. Few but the best, realised with wisdom and creativity. There are big examples for “Nociolotta” flavour, born out of the combination of Gianduja with entire hazelnuts, covered by dark chocolate, ore “Croccatino mandorlato” one of the last born at Mantovani home, that combines chocolate chip ice cream’s delicacy with pralines almond’s  rough sweetness. Space to creativity! Thanks to complete production cycle workshop also our franchisees can propose special flavours as fruit of their artisanal creativity and of the most different requests of our Customers.