Mantovani family is rooted in the world of ice cream back in 1946 when my grandfather Dario and his brother Enrico, engineer, decided to invent, build and patent a new machine for the production of rolled wafers craft to make the best ice cream cones that they had ever tasted in Italy. They were safe.

From Naples, they decided to open their own small production company in Calitri (Avellino, Italy), not too far, investing their payments received after years of work for companies where they worked as a journalist one, as engineer the other. The great new adventure began and it involved with love and passion all the family: so Raffaele, Alfonso and Antonio, the older childrens, helped my grandfather Dario after school in the family business, working with their still thin hands  to eliminate imperfections of ice cream cones. My Grandmother Giuseppina had instead the secret recipe of dough fragrant and scented, she kept very strictly.

The company was fine and the cones were sold in the best Ice Cream & Pastries stores of Naples and Campania. But my uncles Raffaele, Alfonso and Antonio decided to take different paths, becoming fashion professional, doctor and accountant and leaving my grandfather Dario and his Brother the difficult choice to sell his beloved activities of cones waffle rolls.

Sometimes fate is already written and Bianca, my mother, the last daughter of the large family, wanted to keep the memory of my grandfather Dario that bond with cones that were part of his early childhood and let the magical world of ice cream in his life.

My mother Bianca set up with me and my brother Oreste the first company, in fact she decided to create Gelatosità, ice cream shop and high quality homemade ice cream workshop in Naples. The family also here was immediately involved: from the indispensable and valuable support, always present, of my dad Mario to Flora, Oreste's wife, who dedicates every day to the care of the store and always warm reception of customers, up to Marco, my husband, who takes care of company communication and launched in Italy and in the World the ambitious project "We create Artisans" Franchise of high quality gelato artisans.

We of the third generation have picked up the baton, from that legacy the brand Mantovani is born, joining Gelatosità, to spread and export around the world the art of "made in Italy" gelato. A passion and a love for our work that has been handed down from generation to generation. For this very strong sense of continuity, we feel as a tribute, in gratitude to my grandfather Dario from whom it all started, the creation of our new family brand: Mantovani.

Even my brother Oreste and I, as grandfather Dario and Enrico, know that only with courage, sacrifice and dedication we can achieve big dreams, giving smiles to the people, thanks to the perfection of a gelato cone!